Organization for the Responsible Care of Animals


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ORCA'S primary goal is to rescue any ill, or injured, or in-distress animal, stray or abandoned, in Lancaster County, and to provide, on our Animal-Alert Hotline, 717-397-8922, information on animal-related problems. It is the purpose of ORCA to respond 24 hours a day to emergencies, and to provide support to police, fire, and other emergency personnel when they are dealing with situations that involve animals. ORCA does not routinely handle healthy stray animals and wildlife, nor does it routinely shelter animals.



Our Story

TIn 1983 four people—Joyce Rupp, Penny Jordon, and John and Connie Kondravy had been involved either as volunteers or board members at the Lancaster County Humane League. As they learned more about the needs of Lancaster County people and animals, they realized that someone needed to provide at 24-hour service to aid the ill/injured/ trapped animals.

When these people could find no organization to add this program to its mission, these four met and formed ORCA—Organization for Responsible Care of Animals. Each person put in $25 to start this charity! Wow, $100!

Our first injured animals, a dog, cost us $52; now we had $48 left! Quickly we learned to create fundraisers, recruit caring volunteers, and find donors. Today, the annual budget runs from $120,000 to about $160,000. Hundreds of animals are helped annually.

To receive reports of such needy animals, a 24-hour live hotline was created—the Aminal-Alert Hotline, (717) 397-8922. The first week we received ten calls. Since then, we can easily receive double that number in a single day.

At first we were all volunteer, slowly we added paid part-time staff and then some full-time staff. Today we have experienced staff ready to respond 24 hours a day to an emergency.


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